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I write historical romance novels which feature men and women with a passion for life and adventure.

My books are set in a few different time periods, and a variety of locations. Ten Guineas on Love, featured on this page, is a Georgian romance, set in the County of Sussex in England.

The events in the City of Flames Trilogy take place around the time of the Great Fire of London in 1666, but the series begins in the romantic city of Venice.

Raven's Honor and Gifford's Lady are Regency Romances. Most of the events in Raven's Honor take place in Spain and Portugal, while Gifford's Lady is mainly located in the town of Bath.

Longer descriptions of these books and other books I haven't mentioned here, plus excerpts can be found here or via the Books link above. I hope you find something you will enjoy.

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Ten Guineas on Love

Cover of Ten Guineas on Love

To gain access to her own inheritance so she can pay off her late father’s debts, Charity Mayfield accidentally proposes marriage to a man she doesn’t know. The excerpt below begins when she discovers her mistake.

(By the way, this book uses British spellings throughout.)


Charity burst impetuously through the library door.

“Edward! I’m so pleased you could…” she stopped short.

The tall man standing by the window was not Edward Riversleigh. Edward could never have appeared so casually elegant, nor could he have imposed his presence on a room so completely that his surroundings faded into insignificance. Yet the stranger had done nothing dramatic, he had simply turned at the sound of the opening door and looked at Charity; but, as her eyes met his, she was instantly aware that he possessed an aura of strength and sophistication which seemed quite out of place in the small, comfortably shabby library.

“I…I beg your pardon, sir,” she stammered, dazedly wondering how the footman could possibly have mistaken this man for the far from grand Edward. “I was expecting someone else...”

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