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Thank you for visiting my website. I write historical romance novels which feature men and women with a passion for life and adventure. My books are set in a variety of locations including Spain and Portugal (Raven's Honor), London (City of Flames Trilogy) and Bath (Gifford's Lady).

Best wishes, Claire

Runaway Lady

Cover of Runaway Lady


With his curved Turkish sword, and dark, brooding looks, Harry Ward is a formidable adversary. Saskia van Buren's life is in danger, so she has fled to London and hired him as her protector. But she soon finds herself longing for more than safety in his arms


The backroom of the coffeehouse was small and poorly lit. Every time the door opened Saskia felt a shiver of anxiety until she'd seen the face of the man who entered - and even then a residual fear remained that one of those she interviewed might be in Tancock's pay.

She heard the door open and snatched up the mask from the table, holding it to her face as the next man came into the room.

She knew at once he wasn't Tancock. He was too tall, too exotic - too obviously dangerous.

Her breath caught in her throat. One or two of the previous men had struck her as uncomfortably disreputable, but she'd called upon her experience of dealing with her late husband's business to dismiss them as quickly and easily as possible. This man was different. A wolf not a jackal. She could see it in the swift, appraising gaze he cast around the room; the silent, fluid way he moved, and the self-assurance of his bearing.

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