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Restoration Era Historical Romance

These books take place during the first, tempestuous decade of the reign of Charles II, restored to the English throne after years of exile in Europe.

City of Flames Trilogy

Three cousins - Athena (The Defiant Mistress), Colonel Jakob Balston (The Abducted Heiress), and the Duke of Kilverdale (The Vagabond Duchess) face challenges and find love against a backdrop of Venice, Europe and England in 1666, the year of the Great Fire of London.

Runaway Lady

Runaway Lady is a standalone book which is loosely connected to the City of Flames trilogy. The story takes place a year later when England and Holland are at war, and Saskia, the half-Dutch heroine, really needs the help of Englishman Harry Ward.

Regency Era Historical Romance

Raven Brothers

Two brothers: one fighting with Wellington in Spain (Raven's Honor), the other a Captain in the Royal Navy, finally returning to English society after nineteen years at war(Gifford's Lady). They've both faced danger many times - but will they have the courage to follow their hearts?

The Wolf's Promise

Smuggler or gentleman? Lady Angelica needs someone to rescue her brother from a French prison.

Not available as ebooks

The books below are not available in ebook format, but second hand copies print copies may be available. They have all been published in large print formats.