A little bit about me ...

I grew up in the Sussex countryside, not far from the South Downs. Several of my stories, including The Vagabond Duchess have scenes set in Sussex. As a child I loved reading. By the time I was eleven I'd managed to acquire the library tickets of every member of my family. From then on I worked my way steadily through the entire fiction section. Books are still an important part of my life, but now I write them as well as read them.

I studied history at the University of York, before moving to London.

For fifteen years I went for a walk at lunchtime along the River Thames, past the Houses of Parliament. The river fascinated and inspired me. It appears in all the books of the City of Flames trilogy.

Although I still feel like a country girl at heart I also love the vibrant energy and diversity of living in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Now, after writing historical romances set in three different centuries, I am enjoying writing a series of books about contemporary characters.

Best wishes, Claire